Common Questions About Colored Mulch

Why do I need colored mulch?

Not only does colored mulch offer better UV-resistance than regular mulch, it also adds a unique appeal to your home, thanks to the vivid colors available.

Is colored mulch safe for children, pets and plants?

Colored mulch is safe for children, pets and the environment, and top brands are thoroughly tested. Refer to the Is Colored Mulch Safe section of this website for more information.

How much colored mulch do I need for my landscaping?

Bulk colored mulch is generally sold by the cubic yard, which measures 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet, or by the bag, which generally equals 2 cubic feet. Mulch is typically laid out at a depth of 4 inches. To calculate how much you need, multiply the length of your bed by the width, and then multiply by 0.33. Divide this number by 27. That will tell you how many cubic yards you need. You will then multiply this number by 13.5, and this will tell you how many bags of mulch to purchase.

Or use our Mulch Calculator and let us do the math for you.

What are my color options for mulch?

Colored mulch is available in a variety of vivid, UV-resistant options. Click on the Choose Mulch Colors section to select the color of your choice and in a setting similar to your home.

What are the steps for putting down colored mulch?

Adding colored mulch to your flower beds or other landscaping areas is not a difficult task. Click on the How to Mulch section to learn more.

Is there anything I need to know about maintaining a colored mulch bed?

Colored mulch retains its vivid colors longer than traditional mulch. However, as with traditional mulch, you should periodically check colored mulch for compaction, and use a cultivator or rake to loosen it up. This helps prevent fungal growth and improves plant hydration by allowing air and water to pass through.

What are the benefits of colored mulch?

In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, colored mulch helps prevent weeds and retain moisture for ideal plant growth.

How long will the color last?

Colored mulch will typically maintain its color for one to two seasons, depending on the amount of direct sunlight.